• IdealoRama

    Planogram management software solution

  • Automatic planogram recognition solution

    IdealoRama helps optimize and improve all processes of planning, building and controlling planograms.


    It is modular software for planogram compliance management.


    It allows you to manage thousands of SKUs with little or no human involvement.

  • Software modules

    These three modules ideally combined with each other and make up the whole ecosystem.

    But you can use any component individually or combining it with any substitute component.

    Product catalogue

    Listex — is a digital catalog of consumer goods. Listex.info is an open catalogue that can be used by retailers, suppliers, distributors, and customers.

    Planogram management

    This is online WYSIWYG designer for creating planograms. It pulls products data from Listex. Created planograms can be printed out, stored or sent as a PDF file by mail and are immediately available to any employee responsible for placing products on a shelf.

    Planogram recognition

    Module is used for automated verification of products on a shelf, and validate their positions against planogram. It requires moderate AI training (to recognize your actual products) before the neural network will be able to identify the products on the picture.

  • You can use it almost in any configuration

    no need to replace your existing MDM or planogram management software

  • How it works today?

    The conventional approach to planogram management



    Thousands of employees check products on-shelf availability and out-of-stock manually, validate correctness of disposition with the requirements and agreements. This takes time, money, and mistakes are very likely.



    Manufacturers enter into agreements with retailers to display their goods in certain ways. Everyone wants their product to be placed in the center opposite consumers eyes and occupy the largest possible area on a shelf. But this seldom works as expected.



    Thousands of merchandisers move from store to store to make sure that their company's products are on the shelf and presented in accordance with the contract. Sometimes they are lazy: it is much easier to forge the report without leaving your home than to go to a point of sale.

  • Let's imagine what is really needed for a store...

    We select products directly from the database, simply by ticking the checkbox opposite the required product in the database. Instantly, all selected positions are pulled into the constructor, in the form of rectangles with their own proportions and sizes. In the planogram designer software, we set the sizes of the available shelves and arrange the virtual products on them. The planogram is ready!


    Immediately, we send it online to a responsible employee. He receives an understandable and clear layout to implement on the shelves.


    The next day, an employee takes pictures of the actual shelves and in case there are an error you’ll immediately receive a notification!

  • What we offer

    The modular software complex to enable planogram compliance within your organization.


    Our complete solution now equipped with AI helps optimize and improve all processes of planning, building and controlling planograms.

    It enables you to control the placement of thousands of products with little or no human involvement.